About AllChemE  
  AllChemE is the representative body for chemistry and chemical engineering in Europe.

Chemical sciences and engineering underpin the excellent quality of life enjoyed by the citizens of Europe today. Many areas of new economic growth and opportunity, such as new materials, biotechnology, agriculture and food, electronics and medicine require an increasingly detailed understanding of the molecular world that can only be provided by the chemical sciences.

Sustainable progress in healthcare, environmental protection and wealth creation is also dependent on continuing advances in chemical sciences and engineering.

AllChemE plays a unique and vital role in providing a focal point for promoting the strengths of chemical sciences and technologies.

In bringing together five major European stakeholder organisations, AllChemE is able to provide Europe with a highly effective and reliable single voice on matters of mutual importance to industry, academia, government and civil society.

More information is available at www.allcheme.org
  The AllChemE Partners are:  
Cefic - The European Chemical Industry Council
CERC3 - Chairmen of the European Research Councils Chemistry Committees
COST - European Co-operation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research: Chemistry
FECS - Federation of European Chemical Societies
EFCE - European Federation of Chemical Engineering
The AllChemE seminars are an open area for debate. The opinions expressed in the AllChemE seminars do not necessarily reflect the views of AllChemE or its partner organisations.