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  Topic: Alternatives to Animal Testing: Opportunities and Limitations in the Regulatory Framework
  Speaker: Prof. Coenraad F.M. Hendriksen
  Date: Wednesday 7th May 2003

  Topic: Risk Assessment of Endocrine Active Compounds
  Speakers: Prof. Joseph G. Vos & Prof. Peter Calow
  Date: Tuesday 10th June 2003

  Topic: Decision Orientated Risk Assessment of Chemicals
  Speaker: Prof. Konrad Hungerbühler
  Date: Wednesday 25th June 2003

  Topic: Precautionary Principle: Risk Uncertainty and Rational Action
  Speaker: Prof. Ortwin Renn
  Date: Wednesday 1st October 2003

  Topic: Risk perception, communication and management: Lessons for policy makers
  Speaker: Prof. Ragnar Löfstedt
  Date: Tuesday 11th November 2003

  Topic: The Socio-economic Importance of Chemistry in Europe
  Speaker: Dr Simon Campbell RSC
  Date: 28th January 2004




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