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  Welcome to the AllChemE Seminars: where science meets society  
  The AllChemE seminars provide Members of the European Parliament (MEP), the scientific community and other stakeholders with a forum for open dialogue and informed discussions on topics related to the impact and role of chemical science in society.

Held in the European Parliament and hosted by individual MEPs, the lunchtime seminars are open sessions meant to address issues of immediate relevance in today's changing regulatory and technological environment.

AllChemE is the representative body for chemistry and chemical engineering in Europe.
  Upcoming Events  
Science and Society - Some reflexions
Speaker: Prof. Jean-Marie Lehn, 1987 Chemistry Nobel Prize
Collège de France, ISIS-Université Louis Pasteur
Date: To be rescheduled
Hosting MEP: M. Yves Piétrasanta , PSE
Co-sponsor: JRC
Please note: Check this web site for a rescheduled event with Professor Lehn.
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The AllChemE seminars are an open area for debate. The opinions expressed in the AllChemE seminars do not necessarily reflect the views of AllChemE or its partner organisations.