The socio-economic importance of chemistry in Europe  
Date: Wednesday 28th January 2004

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Supportive measures for this innovative and competitive knowledge-based sector of industry are vital if European aspirations for growth, continued social cohesion and global competitiveness are to be realised. Despite its involvement in every aspect of our lives, in many ways chemistry is almost invisible in modern European society. The ubiquity of chemistry and the essential contribution of the chemical sciences and the chemical industry to the quality of life in the European Union will be outlined by Dr. Simon Campbell, 2004 President of the Royal Society of Chemistry, UK. The current benefits of chemistry in terms of its products, employment opportunities and economic factors will be compared to future prospects in terms of the impact of pending regulation, particularly REACH, from a global market perspective. The European industry has an excellent occupational health record and has demonstrated tremendous progress in innovation and adoption of improved environmental processes and products.


  Speaker: Dr. Simon Campbell FRS, President (2004) Royal Society of Chemistry  
  Dr. Simon Campbell, who led the ground-breaking Viagra team, has had a long and successful career in both academic and industrial chemistry. Trained as a synthetic organic chemist, he held postdoctoral positions at universities in North and South America before joining Pfizer Central Research in 1972. Whilst at Pfizer he was an inventor of major medicines such as CarduraTM and NorvascTM. Dr. Campbell retired from Pfizer as Senior Vice President for World-wide Discovery and Medicinal R&D in Europe at the end of 1998. His scientific contributions have been recognised by various awards and in 1999 he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society. Currently he serves on the scientific advisory board of several science and technology-based companies around the world, including the BP Technology Advisory Council, acts as a consultant to others and is Editor in Chief of ‘Current Opinion in Drug Discovery and Development.’
  Hosting MEP: Mr. David Bowe, PSE  

David Bowe sits with the Party of European Socialists (PSE) group within the European Parliament representing the Yorkshire and the Humber constituency in the UK since 1993. He is the European Parliamentary Labour Party Spokesperson and Government Link on the Environment, Public Health and Consumer Policy Committee and is a substitute member on the Industry, External Trade, Research and Energy Committee. He is a member of the European Parliament delegation for relations with China. David Bowe has a science degree and was a science teacher before embarking on his political career. His special interests include: consumer affairs, health and green issues, public services, the environment and industry. As a MEP for a region with a strong chemical industry sector he is particularly concerned about the social and economic effects of increasingly onerous regulation on the European industry causing export of manufacturing jobs and innovative opportunities to other regions such as the Far East.

  Co-sponsor: EMCEF  

The European Mine, Chemical and Energy Worker's Federation (EMCEF) organises some 2.5 million blue and white-collar workers in 35 countries and 128 national trade unions across Europe. The main objectives of EMCEF include: safeguarding economic, social, environmental and cultural interests; enhancing relations between affiliated organisations; promoting contacts, relations and negotiations with employers; following the European Treaties; promoting equal opportunities regardless of gender, race or creed; harmonising collective bargaining and industrial relations policies; and providing relevant data, information and services to members. EMCEF is a member of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) and works in line with the International Federation of Chemical, Energy, Mine and General Workers' Unions (ICEM).

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  Dr. Simon Campbell  

Hosting MEP:

  Mr. David Bowe, PSE
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